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Cape Cod, MA was exactly what I expected. Bright white homes and picket fences embellished with colorful flowers, porches sprinkled with american flags and middle-aged folks dressed in pastel collared shirts with sweaters wrapped around their shoulders.

What I didn’t expect was how beautiful the beaches would be. Walking through the sand and snapping these photos got me thinking about the history of the beach and the homes. Why a bunch of boulders were placed along the beach as dividers every 2-3 homes, what these worn out wooden stakes were from and if it’s normal to see hundreds of horseshoe crab shells along the beach (I looked it up and it’s actually very normal – it’s the crab’s shell that they’ve shed during a process known as molting).

The home had a separate wing which appeared to be a maid headquarters. There were intercoms throughout the house for maids and the owner to speak to one another. I wondered who had built the home, if they were famous or just well off. What it was like to build a home on the beach and have maids serve you. If the home was top-of-the-line back then or if it was pretty standard. If the owner planted all of the beautiful shrubs in the backyard or if they’re the only things that’ll grow in sand diluted ground.

Regardless of the history, we enjoyed the time together with family, lobster rolls and the ocean.


From Fear to Courage - how to be more daring, creative and successfull

What if you could be more courageous and positive about everything in your life? Would you notice a difference? Would you accomplish your goals? Would you be happier and more successful?

I believe so. I believe that if you turn your fears into courage and your negatives into positives, you’ll find endless joy, success, kindness, purpose and fulfillment.

Back when I was a kid I remember learning how to ride a bike. First I had a tricycle, then a bicycle with training wheels, then eventually – even though I still didn’t know how – my parents removed the training wheels. I’d position myself close enough to our house to hold myself up with one hand, get my feet ready, then push-off. I’d last about 5 seconds then fall. I was young and wanted so badly to ride bikes like my older sisters. I’d get back up, lean against the house, get my feet ready and push-off again. Over and over again I’d fall but each time I got up and tried again because I knew eventually I’d get it.

For some reason, as you get older, we lose this determination and courage to get back up and try again even though you know it’s likely you’ll fail. What if you could be more like you were when you were a child? Perhaps you’d be more courageous, fearless, creative, daring and successful?

Today you’re going to reclaim your childhood courage with a very simple exercise, developed Michael Michalko the author of Thinkertoys,  that helps you to identify your fears, substitute them with positive thinking then guides you to carve out your path to success with affirmations. It might sound a little heady, but I promise you it works. Print out the free exercise worksheet here

Change your thoughts and change your world - Norman Vincent Peale

Once you’ve filled out the worksheet I challenge you to affirm your beliefs; to make a positive statement that something is already so. It can be general or specific – the point is to actually write it out as if it’s a fact.Take a look at your “Tock” column and jot down some affirmations. For example “I am successful and happy because I do what I love”.

Once you have a few affirmations, remind yourself of them. I like to cut little square cards and write affirmations on them and stick them in my purse, on my mirror, in my desk, or in my notebook. They’re nice reminders and the more you affirm your beliefs, the more they become reality.

Take it one step further and jot down all of the things you like about and have accomplished for yourself and your business. The more you practice remembering your successes and forgetting your failures, the more you’ll experience success and happiness.

Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance. - Eckhart Tolle

Today’s blog entry is lesson borrowed from the Unlock Your Creativity Ecourse in session right now. To learn more about our Ecourses and to register for the next session, go here.


Palette - Wallpaper Download

While working on an abstract acrylic painting for some friends who are getting married in just a few weeks, I accidentally created this artwork with my paint palette. As I mixed different colors and water with paint, I ended up creating this colorful and textural palette that exudes creativity and positive energy.

I had to make the palette something I looked at daily, so I scanned it onto my computer and created this desktop wallpaper. Plaster it onto your devices and see how creative and energetic it makes you feel. Show me your desktop art on instagram with #desktopartpalette. Enjoy and Happy Friday!

PS: I leave for a week long family vacation to Cape Cod tomorrow, expect beachy pictures.





















Leaving friends behind when we moved to Nashville was hard. But we were hopeful and looked forward to what Nashville had in store for us.

When we first moved here we were surprised at how friendly and welcoming everyone was. We felt lucky and wondered if any of these friendships would last.

This weekend we met a whole new group of friends at a beautiful little gathering my friend Allison hosted. Allison moved down to Nashville just a few months after we did. Allison’s been much more successful at making friendships than I. Maybe it’s those adorable freckles she has, or maybe it’s that she puts herself out there. Allison has such a warm and welcoming heart, a sweet Fiance and a daughter that reminds you to live slowly and savor every moment.

I marvel at Allison’s bravery. She’s made so many lovely friendships from reaching out to Instagram friends. This weekend she shared her friendships, new and old, with us and others.

She had us gather a Arrington Vineyards, a beautiful winery that welcomes anyone to bring your own food and friends to enjoy the scenery and celebrate. She decorated picnic tables, laid fresh food and flowers out for everyone to enjoy and watched the connections unfold.

There were moments I got the talking with someone and asked how they knew Allison and they said they hadn’t met her yet. It was exciting to know that I wasn’t the only one that wanted to connect. That other people just like me were looking for friendships.

Naturally, I think we all want to connect. We all want to feel like were part of a community and part of something bigger than ourselves. We want to contribute, support and grow together. Make a difference and be remembered. Live and love more fully. Cry, laugh, fall and get back up again, together.

And on Sunday we did.


Live on the Edge

Are you living life on the edge: taking risks, exploring the world, living your dreams, conquering fears and doing everything you can (even the scary stuff) to live your dreams?


Are you merely existing: each day comes, you go through the motions, convinced this is just the way it is, things can’t get any better, you can’t accomplish your dreams – they’re too big, tomorrow comes and you do it all over again?

For most of the world, it’s the latter. But you can be different. You can do anything. You can manifest your dreams, change the world and have everything you’ve ever wished for.

I want you to take out a sheet of paper – or open your notes on your phone or computer – and write down your big, I MEAN BIG, dreams. Really imagine how you want to live your life, what it would look like, what you would have around you, who you’d be with, what you’d be doing and write it down.

This is a process I take each and every one of my clients through, I call it ideal scene. Because if I know what your big dreams are and what you want to accomplish, then we can work together to make them happen.

Writing down your dreams is the first step to accomplishing them. The next step is making your dreams into goals, then after that,  creating a plan to get the ball rolling.

So what can you do right now, tomorrow, this weekend to live on the edge and accomplish your dreams?